Class Reunion Party Favor Ideas and Tips

With sending out invitation, booking venues, caterers and photographers, searching for missing classmates, and arranging entertainment, there is a lot that is involved in planning a class reunion! An element that is often overlooked, that really adds a special touch to a class reunion, are party favors. Party favors are actually a very important aspect of the party. They serve as souvenirs of the good times shared with old school and will help your classmates remember the reunion.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best class reunion party favors:

Tip #1: When trying to come up with ideas for your class reunion favors, you should keep in mind the purpose of the party. A class reunion is all about reminiscing and catching up with old friends, recalling old fashion styles, sharing old stories, listening to old music, etc. Your party favors should remind your classmates of the good old times! This can be done by using old photos from graduation, prom, sports games, class outings etc.

Tip #2: You want to have favors that are practical and useable, not something your classmates will throw in a drawer or in the garbage as soon as they get home. The favors should be something your former classmates will see or use every day so that they can be remember their reunion every time it is viewed. You also want some of your favors to be something that will be a lasting souvenir, not just only for a one time use.

Tip #3: Party favors are a keepsake to remind guests of their high school experience. Favors can be personalized with the school colors, mascot, graduation year, graduation photos, and reunion year. You can customize almost anything so why not add personalized touch so classmates can reminisce every time they use the item. (People tend to like something sweet, so you can order personalized candy bar wrappers, lollipops, photo cookies and custom M&Ms. Although your classmates will enjoy this and find it endearing, once its eaten, it is gone.)

Tip #4: Although your class reunion is primarily about recalling the past, it is also a time to create new memories and rekindle old friendships. You want your classmates to remember their high school experience as well as the reunion with the party favors. You can have on-site activities, such as a photo booth, where the pictures can be printed instantly and placed in a pre-made frame with the school name, and date of reunion. Your classmates can take home the custom frame and enjoy a recent photo with old friends.

Tip #5: The decor at your class reunion can also serve as a take-home party favor. Placemats with a collage of photos from the graduating class or lists of the top movies, songs or news stories from your graduating year, can be placed at each seating spot. Not only will guest enjoy looking at it, but it is also a great conversation starter and can be taken home at the end of the night.

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