Get Hen Party Ideas and Create the Ultimate Hen Party

Planning for just any hen party is not really that difficult. After all, one can just add the usual ingredients into the mix and… voila! One can create the usual party that involves drinking, dares, games, and the occasional exotic dancer.

However, not all hens drink and not all of them can appreciate such a party. If the bride-to-be would rather enjoy a different sort of party, here are some hen party ideas that she might love.

Wholesome Hen Party Activities

A hen weekend or party does not necessarily have to be wild. Although, one can say that most of the Hollywood inspired parties tend to be that way. Most organizers lose sight of what’s important and that is to make sure that the bride-to-be enjoys those last moments of freedom.

People’s sense of fun may vary. That’s why the one in charge of planning for the hen night tends to be the one that is closest to the bride like her maid of honor or bridesmaids. She is usually the one that knows the celebrant and the one that knows what actually makes her happy.

In choosing hen party activities, it is important to keep the bride-to-be’s happiness in mind. A lot of organizers come up with really outrageous activities and humiliating tasks for the celebrant and not all celebrants would even dare do such things. As an alternative, there are other wholesome activities to enjoy.

How about taking cupcake decorating lessons or having a high society tea party? Everyone loves drinking tea and even a bride-to-be that does not drink alcohol can appreciate a fine cup of tea. A day at the spa isn’t such a bad idea either. After all, planning for the wedding can take its toll on the bride and a whole day devoted to de-stressing can be the badly needed break she needs.

Fun Hen Party Games

In addition to wholesome hen party activities, there are also fun hen party games to enjoy. Hen night dare dice and cards are perfect for a wild night on the town, but there are other games that will be perfect for any girls’ night in.

Bridal Pictionary, kitchen shower game, piñata, advice for the bride, and the handbag game are some fun hen party games that are perfect for any group. Brides that do not mind getting messy might also enjoy a game like make-up the bride.

There are actually so many other things to do that will not involve alcohol, humiliation, or other things that the bride-to-be might not even like. The organizer just has to choose certain activities and games that the celebrant will truly enjoy.

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