Setting Up Your First Hydroponic Grow Room

You don’t need to be an agriculture engineer anymore to take advantage of hydroponic technology and set up your own hydroponic grow room. Hydroponic systems today are put together with plug and play capabilities which make it easy for the beginner to put together his first hydroponic system by himself with little or no help.

Many companies offer kit systems built specifically for beginners. There are also hydroponic plans that are easy to follow and build your own system from supplies that are easily found at your local home supply store or hardware store.

To ensure that your plants get all of the things they need to grow and stay healthy lets look at the general requirements of plants that are contained in a hydroponic grow room.

Nutrients and Oxygen

Plants must have oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy and become bigger. There are many hydroponic solutions on the market today that make it as easy as measuring off a solution and adding it to water.

You can also go the homebrew route and use a mixture of miracle grow altaqua (TM), epsom salts and water. To give your plants in a hydroponic system oxygen, just add a fish tank air pump with some tubing and a airs tone on the end and drop it in your nutrient solution. This will ensure that the roots of your plants get plenty of oxygen.


If you will be growing your plants indoors in a hydroponic grow room, you will need to recreate the suns rays by using special lights that mimic the full spectrum of the sun.


Growing plants in a hydroponic grow room keeps the plants in a closed environment, and we must make sure that we simulate everything inside that the plants would normally get outside. Temperature can get very hot in a hydroponic grow room especially with grow lights. It is important to set up fans to keep the temperatures in the grow room at a steady temperature. Setting up fans to come on connected to a thermometer or thermostat will create a hands off system.

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