A Lack of Leads Will Starve Your Network Marketing Business!

Leads. As a Network Marketing rep, your business lives and dies by the number of leads you have. Not only must you have a constant supply of pre-interested leads, you must have a marketing system and sales funnel that converts those leads into $$$. Once you have an effective marketing system in place, your company, your products, and your compensation plan no longer matter. The numbers will take care of themselves as long as you have the aforementioned prerequisites. My mentor put it best when he resolutely declared the three things you must have in place to be successful with a network marketing business. He said you must have 1) A way to generate traffic, 2) a way to convert that traffic into leads, and 3) a repeatable system for closing prospects into your business over the telephone. This article explains why having an adequate supply of leads is beneficial for your network marketing business, and why your business is doomed to failure without it.

One of the main reasons that most network marketers fail (or rather quit) at their business is because they do not have an adequate supply of new leads coming in on a daily basis. (By the way, an adequate supply of new leads is 25 or more people opting in to your autoresponder, More details please visit:-https://spliteasy.ca/
https://heatherandlittle.com/ sending you email directly, or leaving you voicemail requesting more information about either your primary business or one of your funded proposal products every single day. More on this later.) Their entire business plan centers around prospecting friends, family, co-workers and strangers that they come across on a daily basis, and that’s it. They do not even understand what industry they are in. Mike Dillard said it best on page 37 of Magnetic Sponsoring, when he said “this is an industry of marketing and promotion, pursued by people who have no idea how to market or promote.” That was exactly who I was before I learned the principles of Attraction Marketing. I’m going to paint a little scenario for you that may sound familiar to you if the start of your network marketing career was anything like mine.

If the above scenario is familiar, then most likely you are spending the early part of your network marketing career struggling as I used to. If you are anything like I was, you probably have mixed emotions about your business. You know that network marketing works because you see all these average people in your company being recognized for advancing through the lucrative pay plan. You know that they are no smarter, no more professional, and no more determined than you are. You know that if they can do it, you can do it as well, if you could just learn the right system, and get a presentation in front of the right people. You know in your heart that there has to be a better way than this, burning all your gas going back and forth to the hotel meeting to meet one by one with friend after friend after friend who tells you no, or that they have to think about it, or they start avoiding you altogether. You truly believe that your success in a business that is capable of paying you more than the salary of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company should not depend on whether or not your friends and family join you or support you. Let me repeat that.

You truly believe that YOUR SUCCESS in a business that is capable of paying you more than the salary of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON WHETHER OR NOT YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY JOIN YOU OR SUPPORT YOU.

Think about that in the traditional business world. Let’s say you move to a new city where you know no one, and you have no friends and family. You decide to open a restaurant. Is it reasonable to assume that if you have a decent marketing and promotion strategy, as well as an adequate marketing budget, that you could attract people who you do not currently know to your restaurant, assuming that they are open to the type of food that you serve? Of course you could. It doesn’t matter that your soon-to-be new customers are not your friends or your relatives. How successful do you think your restaurant would be if your revenue depended on your family eating there every day? That would make for a pretty flimsy business plan. Your new customers are coming through your doors for the first time because your MARKETING has convinced them that they will enjoy the experience of eating in your restaurant, either because of the food, the atmosphere, the service, or a dozen other possible reasons. Some piece of information you put out there connected with people and got paying customers to walk through the doors. It was not necessary that they were friends or family, it was only necessary that you got the right information in front of good potential customers via your marketing and promotion efforts. If if turns out that your product lives up to the marketing, you will go on to have a successful and thriving business.

The reason your restaurant will go on to be successful is because you were able to generate traffic through your marketing efforts and convert them into paying customers. Your network marketing business is no different. It is your goal as a network marketer to generate traffic and convert that traffic first into leads and ultimately into paying customers (i.e. new reps into your network marketing business). And you can do it, too. As long as you have a computer and a cell phone, you can have an online marketing system to quickly build a thriving network marketing business that generates 25 leads or more from the comfort of your home every single day, without depending on your friends and family for your personal financial success.

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