Should You Separate Business From Personal On Facebook?

Yes! There are 3 reasons why you want to keep your business activity separate from your personal life on Facebook.

  1. Keep friends from being annoyed with your business posts

Your friends are on Facebook to connect with you personally. They aren’t interested in seeing your business information in their news feed. Invite your business friends to LIKE your fan page and keep your business discussions there.

An unobtrusive way to maintain connectivity between your personal profile and your business page is by making your business page your place of work. This appears as a link below your photo on your personal profile and is a classier way to make your friends curious about what you do for work.

Tip: Make sure your fan page has your name in it as well as your business description. This way when people search for you by name on Facebook, plese visit:- they will see your personal profile under the People category and your fan page under the Pages category.

  1. Be more organized by separating business and personal news feeds

I love doing this because it makes my life easier. When I am in Facebook, I can choose to focus on either personal or business news.

Let’s say that you like a page on cooking and this reflects your personal interest. LIKE that page while in your personal persona. When you click Home to go to your news feed, the status updates of that page will appear.

From a business standpoint, let’s say you like a page on how to increase your search engine rankings. LIKE that page while in your fan page persona. When you click Home to go to your news feed, the status updates of that page will appear.

This strategy allows you to create two different news feeds. Clicking Home while in your personal persona will give you one news feed, clicking Home while in your fan page persona will give you another news feed.

To organize your news feeds in this way, before you LIKE a page, click the down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A drop down box appears. Under the heading, “Use Facebook as” click your personal profile name to become your personal persona, or click your fan page name to become your business persona.

  1. Make your business comments more effective

When you are commenting on other business pages, you want people to see you as your business persona. If you are being helpful, have a good sense of humor, or are asking good questions, they will want to check you out. When they click on you, you want them to go to your fan page not your personal profile.

The more you engage others and send them to your fan page, the more LIKES you will get on your page. This increases your business exposure.

Tip: You have to be in your personal persona to comment in Groups. I hope Facebook changes this because many Groups are business related and it makes more sense to be in your business persona while commenting there.


Develop more meaningful relationships with people by focusing on what they are interested in. Make better use of your time on Facebook by separating business and personal news feeds. Increase your effectiveness by sending people to your personal page or your business page depending on what you are commenting about.

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