Cookbook Color Psychology – How Color Influences Your Buying Decision

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Betty Crocker’s picture cookbook has changed covers down the years since its inception in 1950. But if you take a look at a lineup of the various editions, one thing stands out — red. Why is red a popular background or accent color for cookbooks? The answer may lie in the psychology of color and its effect on your buying decision.

The fast food industry has used color for years as a means of drawing in customers. Red and yellow are popular colors. Look at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Sonic, and other red and yellow fast food logos. Why? Because red stimulates appetite; yellow is a stimulating color too, but also represents warmth, wisdom and cheerfulness.

But let’s get back to our Betty Crocker cover. Beyond stimulating appetite, Buy burgerking franchise in india red is a powerful color. Exciting, energetic, and attention-getting, red is dramatic representing strong feelings. It is passionate and sensual. And it is the color of many cookbooks because it draws out feelings in the cookbook consumer that compel a purchase.

Being aware of what color means is one aspect of your cookbook buying decision. But you also need to be aware of more subtle influences. A recent study compared red vs. blue in consumer packaging and marketing messages.

The results showed that when red was used predominantly, consumers evaluated the products whose ads highlighted more specific details in a more favorable light. Blue created the opposite effect. However, when the messages were of a more creative nature, blue emerged the winner with red taking a backseat.

Red works well for advertisers using negative messages (focusing on preventing or diminishing something bad or unpleasant) while blue works best with more positive messages (focusing on an enhancement or advantage gained).

It is difficult to anticipate all the color influences you are dealing with when making a purchase choice. The best approach is to look past the cover and design as much as possible. Prepare a list of what you are looking for in terms of content, price, etc. and make a judgment based on your requirements.

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