Are You Really Healthy?

By describing an “obviously ill” person I mean that one can see dry, weak or brittle hair, dry, scaly or itchy-looking skin sallow in color, redness around their eyelids, coughing, sneezing, apparent low energy level or complains of digestive problems, menses or e.d. symptoms and muscle pain AND is taking over the counter medicines for one reason or another.

What is the true picture of a healthy person? Is it someone who keeps their symptoms under control with the use of drugs or even herbal/alternative treatments? Is that really healthy?

Taking over the counter (otc) medicines as well as the wide array of alternative treatments for any condition is NOT healthy. The taking of a treatment of any kind means the body is expressing a symptom. Symptom by definition is “the subjective evidence of disease or physical disturbance.”   A symptom is evidence that there is a problem – a disease or a physical disturbance in the body or even in the mind! There is a disease present or a physical disturbance that was caused by one of two things. Either by toxicity or a deficiency. That’s all. The symptom is just giving the person an idea of where to look for the problem…you don’t tell it to shut up or put a mask over it or numb it. There is a problem! The symptom is NOT the problem. So – treating a symptom with a drug or “natural medicine” is NOT curing anything. It is masking the true condition creating the symptom.

These symptoms may appear “harmless” in and of themselves when they manifest but recurring symptoms disrupts our sense of innate wellness. Something is wrong. We live in a superficial society and the medical community has successfully conditioned people to believe that the taking of drugs is good for them and drugs can “cure” anything. They have taught them to recognize symptoms and which drug will alleviate that symptom. Way to go medical team! Millions of people are “self doctoring” with the availability of otc drugs to treat symptoms. 

People are NOT being taught however that these symptoms are the body’s way of expressing that there is a disease or disrupting condition that needs to be taken care, not just the symptom. People are NOT taught to be accountable for the state of their health or to even know what that means.

What ignited the writing of this article is a conversation I had with an elderly woman who is 75 years old, confined to her bed and living in a skilled nursing facility. Having only been there for over a month due to a stroke which paralyzed the left side of her body she was saying that she didn’t understand how she ended up here. She went on to say “I took my multiple vitamins. I thought I was healthy.” Not only did this woman have a stroke, she was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol at the time of her admission. Her digestive system is painfully disturbed as it adjusts to the changes of her condition and habits. Yet she thought she was healthy. For most of her adult life she “self doctored” her digestive condition and various other symptoms with daily doses of pepto-bismal, alka-selzer, ibuprofen, ny-quil, and milk of magnesia when needed. Again she thought she was healthy and that self-doctoring her symptoms would keep her from getting sick. She was not educated about health for the body in any way.Vegetable sources are tomatoes, red and green peppers, spinach, just to name a few. Carrots and other green and leafy vegetables are other excellent sources for your daily intake of nutrients. Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are the best as these have the most vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content, including vitamins B and C. All fruit and vegetables are an important part of a healthy balanced diet. More details please

Her diet consisted of low-fat yogurt, cheese stick, ½ apple, slice of orange, 7-up (to settle the stomach of course), graham crackers, crackers and Jif peanut butter with small amounts of DQ ice cream, cooky, or a sweet bread on a daily basis. Can you see a problem with this diet?! She has an “apple” shaped body with “toothpicks” for arms and legs. She had no energy and she didn’t feel good most of the time YET she thought she was healthy. Her MRI after her stroke revealed that she had had several mini-strokes over the past couple of years. This woman had been living alone and driving all along with no idea of her true condition. She also chose to not go to a doctor for any of her symptoms for fear that a true disease would be found.

How many people are living their lives this way? It’s frightening.

What’s it going to take to change the picture of health in the country? Citizens of this country are being fed misinformation by the medical community and Big Pharma greed that is killing them. The medical community is NOT curing anything nor are they prolonging life as they would have you believe. (There are a few MD’s that aren’t following suit with the rest of the medical community but they are considered outcasts.)

Drugs are poison – prescription and otc alike – all drugs are toxic to the body. Anything that is not pure, real food or water is toxic to the body. Drugs do NOT cure anything!

The body can heal itself by its own innate intelligence when fed the proper amount of pure, real food and water. There is NO condition that can develop or not be corrected if the body is fed properly. There would be no disease. (Please understand that I know there are inexplicable exceptions in life and that your particular ailment could be but more often than not it would be your own denial that would set up resistance to healing but that is beyond the scope of this article.)

What is pure, real food? Exactly that – food that is as close to its natural grown state as possible. It won’t come in a box or package laden with a bunch of greek-sounding ingredients. Fresh, real food also will not have a long shelf life – it will start to decay. Pure water is just that – pure clean water. It’s not flavored or laced with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetners.

Our health is going to be determined by what we put into our body. Not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A person could physically eat all the right foods in the right way and still not be healthy because they live in a toxic environment either physically around poisons/pollutants or mentally/emotionally with daily arguments and negative interactions in the form of stress.

So what is the picture of a true healthy person? An individual who feeds the body pure, real foods and water and who lives in a positive environment with the ability to manage stress. A person that has no symptoms of any kind and is not taking any kind of drug – prescription or otc, or “natural” herbal medicines. A healthy person does not take medicine either drug or “natural” on a regular basis to prevent the occurrence of a symptom. If a person is taking any medicine at any time, they are not healthy.

Part of becoming healthy is the acknowledgment that you are not healthy at any given time if you are trying to alleviate a symptom. With the acknowledgment comes the healing.

There are hundreds of books and programs on how to get healthy. The purpose of this article is to bring to the reader’s awareness the possibility of an unhealthy state that may exist in the body. If you are not healthy as I have described – you can become healthy by taking the action necessary to educate yourself about what true health is and do it in spite of what others are doing what they THINK is healthy. True, optimum health cannot be attained overnight. It has taken you years of misinformed, uneducated choices and actions to reduce your health to the level it is. 

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