Healthy Weight Loss Leads to Healthy Choices With the Water – What Could Be Simpler?

Many people drink a lot of liquids throughout the day thinking they are making healthy choices. There is first and foremost for many, the morning Latte coffees, or green teas by us healthy green folks. Then we have colas and pops of every flavor, the ever ready chemical filled crystal light and Kool-Aid’s.

There are good juices available but they are not water. Beer and other alcoholic beverages although liquid do not count towards the water we need. Well, you get the point. Truly we drink liquids but how much of it is pure clean water? Does drinking enough pure water assist with healthy weight loss? Yes, and more.

Since are bodies are primarily water, men at 60% and woman 55% on average, it should be overly obvious that we need to drink a lot of water each day to maintain physical and mental health. Water flushes our organs and helps in the rebuilding of our organs at various rates. It also has a lot to do with healthy weight loss. Drinking at least 2 quarts a day of pure water will assist not only in healthy living but in healthy weight loss, not drinking enough water will slow the weight loss in fact. More details please


o Buy the best quality water filter system for your home that you can afford.
o Purchase high quality food grade water bottles that are filled at home and reuse them not only for health reasons and leaking chemicals from plastic, but so as to not keep unnecessarily using natural resources that are swamping our landfills. They are an ecological nightmare.
o When you feel the urge to eat, stop and drink a glass of water first because many time people eat when they really are thirsty.
o Lack of Water also can relate to headaches, aches and pains and mental attitude. Try increasing your water intake and taking notes of your body and mind reactions.
o Suggest carrying a bottle of water in your car and having one at the office if that fits your life style. Or perhaps besides you computer if that is where you spend much of your time.

Advertising, especially through TV that all too many people spend hours watching, are swamped not only with anything but pure water to drink, but all the junk foods and prepared foods which are full of chemicals. We are turning our thinking to being programmed as to what we drink and eat. It’s time to take the power back into your hands, you choose what is best for you and your family.

Make healthy choices for your food and water consumption and what will follow is healthy weight loss changes. Really, it may sound like it wouldn’t work, but commitment to drinking a glass of water next time you are hungry before you eat. You will be surprised and pleased with your results.

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