The David Murdoch Diet is the Healthy Weight Loss Program

How About The David Murdoch Diet?

Since the Oprah Winfrey Show did a segment on David Murdoch there has been many questions about his diet. I had to pay attention myself and do my thorough research. Because David Murdoch is an 85 year old man in excellent physical condition for a 50 year old let alone someone his age. He has a goal to live a long and healthy lifestyle. David even professes he will live to be 120 years old. What interested me was the fact that at 85 David could do 50 push ups with out stopping.


Before we discuss what the David Murdoch Diet is we first must understand who David is and his motivation. David is a billionaire entrepreneur who has been very successful and owns a well known company. That is important only to know that when his wife was diagnosed with cancer he put millions into research and trying to find a cure to save her. Though he was unsuccessful what he learned is really what I have been saying since I began my personal quest. That is we can prevent cancer. The main cause of cancer is our unhealthy lifestyle. We do not eat healthy, we do not exercise regularly and we do not take safe, healthy nutritional vitamin supplements to supplement our diets. These three areas and more are in our control and we can prevent cancer in our own lives. Honestly my story and motivation is the same. Cancer in my father drove me to seek for answers and I came to the same conclusion as David. More details please

Three Components of the David Murdoch Diet.

There are three components to the David Murdoch Diet which are: Eat Healthy; Exercise Regularly; and take Natural Nutritional Vitamin Supplements. In fact I call it my Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Eat Healthy!

Sixty to Seventy per cent of all we eat should be fresh fruit and raw vegetables. We should eat 100% whole grains, nuts and beans. While we should eat mostly fresh fruit and raw vegetables (preferably organic) it is alright to have small portions of low fat high fiber meat in our diets. But, you should avoid red meat and eat only a little fish, chicken or turkey. Drink plenty of water, natural herbal teas and avoid soda and commercially processed drinks of all kinds. David Murdoch juices regularly (so do I) and this helps add vitamins, minerals and nutrients without adding fat. The other two no no’s are salt and sugar. They are not good for us because the foods we eat already has them added. Fruit and vegetables have all the sugar and sodium we need so there is no need to add them. But we are overdosing on them today.

Exercise Regularly.

Cardio exercise and resistance training are both necessary. David walks everyday and he also does push ups. In addition he leads a very active lifestyle. Being in the gym helps but it is not necessary. Exercise is as important to our health as what we eat and drink. Do it every day.

Natural Nutritional Vitamin Supplements.

We can not eat perfectly healthy. Yet we can supplement our diets with safe, healthy, nutritional vitamin supplements. Not only can we but we should add calcium, omega fish oils, and a list of other vitamins minerals and nutrients that we get with the proper supplementation.

Healthy Weight Loss Program and David Murdoch Diet.

As I have researched David’s diet and my healthy weight loss program what I have found is that they are the same. David Murdoch has not published a step by step David Murdoch Diet but the precepts and fundamentals are the same as my healthy weight loss program. Whatever you are looking for you need to get busy and you too can claim 120 years of a healthy active life.

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