10 Reasons to Send a News Release

News releases are definitely the workhorse of promotion and publicity efforts.
properly drafted timed, and followed up on with the media, a release can get the
word out on your product or service. Here are a few opportunities that could warrant
a release for your business:

1. Talk about your mistakes! Don’t be embarrassed, everyone makes them. If
you’re willing to pass on what you learned, the media may just be interested.

2. Get involved in a charity and announce your business’ support.

3. Take a poll of the quirkiest aspects of your clients’ behaviours. Ask them
about the most unusual uses of your product.

4. Got something particular you can comment on that’s hot in pop culture or the
news? Put your professional two cents in!.

5. Launching a new product that will change an industry is also a great reason to
try your hand at a communiqué.

6. What time of the year is it? If it’s the holiday season, think of how you can
leverage it to your advantage.

7. Look up your subjects of expertise in Chases’ Calendar of Events. Chases, is a
great resource that lays out every imaginable event or unknown holiday. If your
office is known for great human resources management, try mentioning it during
Secretary Appreciation Week!

8. Announce the recent win of an award or your sponsorship of an award.

9. have something to warn the public about? A news release is a great
opportunity to show your concern and generate a timely story for the news media.

10. Comment on the most recent statistics produced by the national statistics


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