Organize Your Coat Closet

With the winter season upon us, many are pulling out their warmest coats and outwear from the back of the closet. Do you have closet space dedicated just to your outerwear? Are you struggling with ways to organize your coat closet in a way that will make finding your beloved purple wool coat or long, black trench coat easier?

Here are some tips to get your coat closet organized so that you can quickly see your outwear choices and maximize your closet space.

Clear out the Clutter
This is always the first step when working toward organizing any part of your home. Do you have old coats that you can donate to the needy? Do some of your coats not quite fit like they used to and you always find yourself passing it up for a better fitting coat? Is that hot pink 80’s coat ever going to come back into style? Clearing the clutter is the first step in organizing your coat closet.

Grab a big empty box or bag where you can place all the coats that you no longer wear. Decide whether you need another container for coats you might need to trash. If you have not worn your coat the last two seasons, then it may be time to find the coat a new home.

Aside from old coats, do you have other items that are taking up prime closet real estate place? Are umbrellas hanging from your closet rods instead of in an umbrella holder by the door? Do you have a shoe organizer that you hardly use hanging up? When purging items from your closet, do not be afraid to rearrange as needed.

Keeping Coats Separated
Do you share closet space with your significant other? Do your coats reside in the same closet space as your work and leisure clothes? It is now time to divide and conquer. Move all of your coats to the same side of closet rod so that you know exactly where they are when you open your closet. You might want to do the same to your other articles of clothing, too. Keeping all of your work clothes and leisure clothes in their own designated parts of the closet will make finding what you need much faster and easier.

If you share closet space with your significant other, then you might want to designate coat closet space even further. Perhaps you can keep your coats on the far left of the closet, nearest to your clothes and your significant other can keep his or her clothes on the far right of the closet – whichever area of the closet may work for you both.

Color Coordination
When choosing which coat to wear you may naturally be attracted to coats that match your outfit, whether you going to work or to a party. Keeping your coats together based on similar colors will help to organize them in a manner that naturally works with your coat making decisions. Keeping all of your dark colors together and all of your neutral and bright colors together will help you to make a coat wearing decision quicker.

In addition, this will also keep your closet looking clean and reduce the need to hunt everywhere for that cream colored peacoat that know must be somewhere!

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