Good News, You Have Many Options on What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Holly, sleigh bells, and Carol. No, not holiday carol, your Aunt Carol who gets drunk on egg nog every Christmas and precedes to wax poetically about the many loves of her life to anyone within earshot. You already have enough to deal with during winter. When you add wedding attendance to this annual holiday circus, the last thing you want to think about is what to wear to a winter wedding. Luckily a winter wedding offers many options for what to wear.

Due to the cold weather, this is one of the times of year that wearing pants to a wedding can seem appropriate. There is the always the classic pants suit. You can get away with wearing a black pants suit to the wedding, but in an effort to not completely buck tradition, it might be best to opt for other darker colors such as gray or navy. You should attempt to lighten up the pants suit by pairing it with a very feminine top which would be a silk or satin top in a really beautiful color.

If you prefer to wear a dress to the event, you want to go with longer styles. A short leg-bearing dress would be appropriate for a summer or spring wedding, but for what to wear to a winter wedding look for mid-calf length, ankle length, and floor length. If you are petite, the longer dress style may be harder for you to wear as they can make you appear shorter. If you are petite, you may want to consider a shorter dress worn with tights.

The winter wedding also provides a great opportunity to make a splash with a traffic stopping coat. Think of wearing a beautiful coat in a winter white, an unexpected color, or playful print. You can also get coats with great fixtures such as ribbon belts or jeweled buttons. A great coat is the perfect way to make a statement with your outfit, particularly if the rest of your outfit is a bit subdued.

The winter is a hectic time of year with gift shopping and making travel plans, but a wedding allows you to relax a bit because there are so many more options available for what to wear to winter wedding. You can wear pants, you can wear longer dresses and skirts, and a great coat will make you the life of the party. Enjoy the wedding and keep Aunt Carol away from the champagne.

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