Hot Halloween Costumes: What’s In the News This Halloween?

Some of the best Halloween costumes reflect current events and pop culture. They’re irreverent, they’re funny, and they can even be sexy. If you’re looking for a hot Halloween costume that is just a little out of the ordinary, then consider basing your look on something that’s happened recently, or maybe take the opportunity to poke a little fun at a politician or pay homage to your favorite celeb. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Lady Gaga
No, you don’t want to make a Lady Gaga Meat Dress, but you can certainly take a look at what she has worn over the years and what she is currently wearing to create your own look, a la Lady Gaga. Gaga loves to wear hot retro and vintage looks, stunning hats, and fabulous shoes. If you want to rock a Lady Gaga look, then take a look at our wigs, corsets, shoes and stockings, club wear, and other looks for inspiration. Pay close attention to your makeup, and really own the look. Hot!

Political Scandals
Matching Halloween costumes for him and her have always been popular. Doctors and nurses are good, cave people are interesting, and the list goes on. But what about Arnold Schwarzenneger and “The Maid?” Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski? Governor Mark Sanford and his girlfriend? The list goes on and on. Pick your favorite political scandal, find a hot and sexy costume for yourself and a good looking suit for him, and get lots of laughs!

Celebrity Gossip
Admit it – we all love to know what’s going on in the wild, wonderful world of celebrities. Whether you want to pay homage to your favorite celeb by dressing up like him or her, or if you want to get some laughs, tune into the latest celebrity gossip, pick up hot, Hollywood worthy styles, and have a fun filled Halloween! You can even have a friend dress as a paparazzi for added effect.

Reality TV
Reality TV is another guilty pleasure most of us have to admit to indulging in – at least once in a while! Think Dancing with the Stars – if you’ve got a favorite couple, get dressed to the hilt in sexy style, and hit the streets. American Idol is hot too – the stars look a lot like the rest of us, and when they wear sexy costumes, they’re transformed. Give it a try!

Movie and Sports Inspired Halloween Costumes
Alice in Wonderland, Thor, The Transformers, Red Riding Hood, Burlesque, and other movies, plus Major League Baseball, Professional Football, NASCAR, and other popular sports can be a great inspiration for a fun and up to date Halloween Costume. You can take your pick of costumes related to all these popular films and sports, with no trouble at all. Try dressing as a referee or even a shot girl!

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