Hot Water Solar Panels – Free Energy is Hot News

Receiving a grant towards the cost of fitting solar thermal panels to your property, makes a great deal of sense when you consider that every single second the sun hurls out as much energy as two billion large power plants could achieve working flat out for a year.

Not only does the thought of a grant towards hot water solar panels sound appealing, but imagine the reduction in fuel bills for your hot water. One website is offering to assist you in achieving this, as well as obtaining grants for home insulation, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and biomass heating.

Whether your property can benefit from renewable energy, there should certainly be at least one way you can help to reduce your energy bills at the same time as lowering or eliminating your carbon footprint, and one website is determined to help you find that way.

Renewable energy products have received a great deal of attention in recent years, although generally people approach the concept from one of two perspectives. Using renewable energy sources such as solar energy, heat pumps and the wind means that the overall carbon output is much reduced; helping to lower any impact we might be having on the environment.

But from a more personal point of view, fitting hot water solar panels to your property also means getting free hot water and paying much less on your bills. In combination with other energy saving products such as heat pumps or even something as simple as effective insulation, you could drastically cut your energy costs, and shrink your carbon footprint.

The sun is an astonishingly good source of energy. Every morning (even on a cold, damp day in February) two quintillion tons of hydrogen exploding at 14 million degrees centigrade hurls more energy in to space than a trillion earths could possibly

Of course, only a fraction of this is launched directly at the earth, but even so, we receive over 10,000 times more energy every second than we need. Solar energy is certainly a very renewable source of energy, and even using wind turbines is taking advantage of this energy, since wind is simply the result of the sun heating the earth unevenly.

Most of us find the concept of using free energy appealing, not only from the perspective of our wallets, but few of us relish the idea of plundering the earth’s natural, and rapidly diminishing resources. Official estimates state that there are approximately 1.3 trillion barrels of oil left in the world’s oil fields. Although this sounds a lot, it’s only enough to last us another 40 years, and that’s on the assumption we won’t increase our fuel consumption, which we almost certainly will.

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