Business Opportunity Leads – Submitting Your Articles With Many Submission Sites? Bad News For SEO!

Looking to garnish business opportunity leads to your web site using SEO? Good deal! It is a given though that you have a lot of work ahead of you in the form of writing articles and submitting them to article directory sites. I think there is this belief though that you can take a specific article and post it to the hundreds of various article directory sites and it will improve your search engine rankings.

As a matter of fact, you can find all kinds of software programs on the internet that automate that specific task. The people selling those programs I believe are borderline scammers. They are falsely promising incredible results whether they know what they are doing or not.

Here is the thing though. Even though you are told you will gain hundreds of back links just from submitting one article, this practice will not only prevent you from getting high search engine rankings, it will stifle your results. More details please

Let me explain what happens.

You submit an article through an article submission site. Whether you are posting to one submission site or many, search engines will come along and do what is called a “fresh crawl” on your article.

I am going to use Google as an example.

Google scrapes all of the content and indexes it. They will pull out the embedded links in your article and place them in a separate index file to be looked at later. The first article that they crawl becomes your original unique content.

Okay! What happens if you have the same article posting at hundreds of different locations?

Articles are looked at in the same way as a page would on a web site. The same article can be posted in hundreds of places but only the “First” article scanned by Google will be the one they perceive as unique original content.

What about all of those other posted articles?

They are all the same and Google will detect that they are duplicated content. You might see an increase in where you rank for those particular keywords but as Google goes through its processes, your positioning will drop. Only one of those postings will help you. It is the one that Google indexed first.

Your SEO campaign is all about getting the highest of quality business opportunity leads for your home based business. Why screw around with something that flat out just does not work or could get you in trouble.

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