RSS Feeds For the Newbie

Greetings everyone. This short article on RSS is just a touch on the surface of what RSS actually is, and what it can do for you. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s essentially just a method for releasing published or soon to be published news and information. RSS is typically only used for blogs, news, and occasionally multimedia such as pictures and short movies. Sometimes the terms RSS feed and XML feed are used and interchanged on a regular basis, and in reality not much separates them as far as differences.

How you use RSS Feeds will depend on what you need it to do. If you are an information publisher, your needs and uses of RSS feeds will be different from a subscriber’s needs.

If you are a provider, you will be using RSS to publish your information onto other people’s web pages, emails, and other various media. Readers will subscribe to your content feed, or news feed and then use a RSS reader to see or display your content.

If you are a subscriber you will be using RSS to publish, display, and sort though new information that is consistently being streamed to you from publishers. Subscribers will be using software to gather the news feeds from multiple locations to combining them.

RSS Feeds can be compared to news clippings that can be sent to someone, or received from a large number of senders based on the topics or categories of information that they are looking for. As a publisher, you are the sender and as a subscriber you are the receiver. RSS has truly changed the way information can be shared on the internet.

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