Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Boating

A popular pastime on a beach vacation is boating. Whether bringing watercraft from home on a trailer, or renting or chartering a boat, spending quality time on the water with friends and family can create fond memories. Following safe boating practices and participating in exciting or relaxing water-based activities is an important part of the ideal beach vacation. Here are a few tips to make the trip even better.

Life Vests

Make sure there is a properly tagged and inspected life vest in the boat for each passenger. Children should wear life vests designed specifically for kids. Tying larger vests tightly around a child is not sufficient. Likewise, adults need life jackets that will hold their weight and fit their bodies. Regardless of how strong a swimmer is, they should wear a life jacket while boating. please visit best trolling battery center


Always bring sunscreen on a family beach vacation. The sun is strong on the water, so use a higher SPF while boating. Reapply it after swimming or waterskiing for best protection from sunburn. With several types and brands of suntan lotion available, choose one that smells good, is easy to apply and blends in well to the skin.


Bring plenty of beverages on a boating trip. Provide a variety of soft drinks and caffeine-free beverages. Use the boat’s hull cooler to hold ice and beverages of choice. Local convenience stores at the beach sell ice, drinks and snacks to make excursions more enjoyable. They also sell disposable coolers for impromptu outings.

Water Sports

Riding in a boat is a lot of fun, but riding behind one is also fun and exciting. Use knee boards, water skis and boogie boards for riding and competing on the water with friends and family members.


Saltwater and freshwater fishing are relaxing for beach vacations. It gives people a chance to socialize while enjoying fresh air and unique scenery. Participants should have the proper license and equipment. Most beach resort areas sell or rent poles and assist visitors with licensure. Live bait is readily available in beach boardwalk stores.


One of the most enjoyable parts of a family vacation boating trip is going out to lunch or dinner at a dockside restaurant. After having fun on the water, pulling the watercraft up to a marina or restaurant dock is an added bonus for hungry boaters. There is usually a free place to park the boat while stopping for a meal and quenching the thirst of the driver and the riders. It is often a way to experience a restaurant that is too far to drive to by car, but makes a nice destination on a runabout or yacht.

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