30 Days to Increased Energy With Raw Organic Live Super Foods From Elements For Life

One of the common problems that we face in the modern world is chronic fatigue and general weakness that many people experience. This is a more common problem than you may think, as the modern life style of living seems to sap the energy from the body. Although, there are several reasons for this such as the high amount of stress that the modern life bestows, one of the major reasons for feeling fatigued and lethargic is due to the type of foods that we eat.

In general, most people eat processed and overcooked foods that are genetically incompatible with the human body. Especially, most foods will lose their molecular integrity after 30 degrees Celsius and as a result the enzymes that are locked in their molecular chains will transform into a more incompatible form. This in turn creates a situation in which the body is not able to digest and utilize these enzymes and thus this creates various side effects for your body. One of these common side effects is the fact that you will feel lethargic and fatigued.

This vicious cycle of eating extra cooked fatty and processed foods can lead to a life time of chronic fatigue that will prevent you from feeling vital and full of energy.  However, you do not need to feel victim in this never ending cycle, as there are some things that you can do to break this cycle. One of the best solutions that you can utilize is through eating raw organic live super foods in order to change your digestive habits.

As soon as you start eating raw organic live super foods, your body will immediately begin to detoxify itself. This is the beginning of the process, as your body will revert to its genetic self so that the raw foods that you ingest will be digested fully. Thus, your body won’t have to cope with fatigue producing enzymes, as your body can fully utilize the digestive process. Hence, your lethargy will decrease and chronic fatigue and even chronic joint pains will start to improve over time. 

Although, all organic foods may be able to give you similar results, using raw organic live super foods will give you better results. Foods such as marine phytoplankton and blue green algae can be very beneficial, as you will also receive various trace elements and anti oxidants as a result. This is also important, as your body will feel fatigued when it does not get the trace elements that it needs. These trace elements and minerals include selenium, molybdenum, germanium, iridium, platinum and titanium. Also, these trace elements are essential for various biological and chemical processes and as a result without these trace elements your body can not receive the energy that it needs. 


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