Miami Florida New Home Rebate – A Win-Win Situation For New Home Buyers!

Miami – The financial center of Florida

Miami boasts a tropical climate almost all year round. Coupled with this is the active business community in this leading financial center. Whether it’s the beaches, gardens or lakes that attract you to this beautiful place, having a home here is essential both from a recreation and an investment perspective.

Real estate options

Miami is virtually flooded with real estate companies just vying to get your business. But just be careful and do business with a company that offers you a Miami Florida new home rebateThis will save you money upfront. There is a whole range of houses ranging from the modest carriage home, townhome, condo and luxurious villas! However, from a financial standpoint, it makes more sense to opt for a preconstruction home.

Preconstruction homes – The new rage in real estate

Preconstruction homes have virtually taken the real estate world by storm. The low investment needed coupled with high resale values make these an investors dream. Preconstruction homes offer the same variety as in any constructed home. Depending on your choice, you can pick from preconstruction condos, villas or townhomes. Once the house is constructed, the value on it can skyrocket. At this point you can choose to sell it or keep it for personal use. If you combine a Miami Florida new home rebateon a preconstruction home, you can really multiply your earnings

Home rebate: what is it?

Consider this… you have just paid for your new home and you’re very happy that the home is now all yours. But did you know that you just missed a chance to get money back on the purchase? Your dream home in Miami might just have cost you to forgo lucrative cash back! This wouldn’t have happened if you had opted for a Miami Florida new home rebate. Even before you buy your dream preconstruction home, the homebuilder will have allocated a commission to your real estate agent typically 3%. This is included in the purchase price of the new home even if you do not have a broker that represents you! That means you might unsuspectingly walk away from cash that could be rightfully yours. Certain companies can guarantee a percentage of cash back on the purchase price you pay for your home. Usually the rebate percentage is 2%. So if you have bought a $1,000,000 home, you’ll be getting back a a whopping $20,000 USD!

Save $1,000’s of dollars!

The rebate money is rightfully yours. Be represented, have peace of mind and save plenty of money in the process? Cash back and rebateshelp new home buyers in many cases afford what they normally could not afford. Use the money to pay for closing costs, new furniture or take a trip.

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