VPI Or Veterinary Pet and Dog Insurance Review

Concern over the health of our dog is nearly as great as that which we have over our human family. Peace of mind as regards our dog’s health is valuable to all dog owners.

VPI is designed to make decisions about your dog’s health easy. Treatment for your dog will be based on what your veterinarian believe is best. It is important that you feel confident and comfortable with your dog’s health provider. Not only will you be able to choose the veterinarian you want, but your dog will be protected wherever you travel worldwide.

The dog owner can feel safe with VPI, which is the oldest dog insurance company in the nation. The idea behind VPI was to help prevent “economic euthanasia”, the terrible decision a dog owner had to make too often. Providing peace of mind to dog owners, VPI offers varying levels of protection.

Your dog will require different levels of care and treatment throughout its life, from puppy vaccination through geriatric care. The price of veterinary care has risen greatly in recent years, please visit:-http://bassethoundbreeders.org http://thrillgolf.com https://esaholic.com/ and treatment of your dog can become an expensive financial burden. Accidents or sudden illness are stressful for any dog lover, but when compounded with high costs for medical treatment, the situation can become desperate.

VPI offers several levels of plans to the dog owner, and these should be reviewed before purchase. The most popular plan offered at VPI is the VPI Superior Plan. This can cover almost every imaginable problem that your dog might face. Once the $50.00 deductible is met, the VPI Superior Plan will cover up to 90% of veterinary costs. This plan will provide annual coverage up to $14,000.

This plan offers different choices to enhance coverage and include: common problems (vomiting, ear infections), panic-moment problems (hit by car, animal attack), expensive problems (bloat, cancer), routine care (vaccinations, heartworm), additional care (dental care, spay or neuter), and enhanced care (bone cancer, leukemia). You can build your coverage with any number of these options. The VPI Superior Plan, with all the bells and whistles, will cost approximately $47.30 per month for a healthy young dog.

The VPI Standard Plan will cost the dog owner about $25.30 per month. This is also factored for a healthy young dog. Risk factors such as age or existing conditions might influence the cost of either plan. Also, the reimbursement under the Standard Plan is much less than that which is available under the Superior Plan, and will probably only reimburse you for about half of your expenses. The VPI Standard Plan has an annual coverage of $9,000.

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