Architectural Drafting Services

How many ways are there to look at a building? When you’re thinking in terms of architectural drafting services, there is virtually no limit to multitude of vistas and views that can be created. Once you begin to consider the options, you will see how many different ways you can look at the same property.

Architectural drafting services can be a great visual aid for clients, investors and buyers. An architectural draft is a technical drawing showing the details of a structure. There was a time when these drawings were made by hand in a labor-intensive process of measuring and drawing each feature to perfect scale.

Architects and draughtsmen manually constructed each image by hand with t-squares, set squares and compasses on a drawing table. Hours and hours were put into each detail. The finished product was a work of art and science, prized for its accuracy and technical detail. They were shown to sponsors and patrons to help them understand the work in progress. These drawing were also used to direct the actual construction. drafting services

These days computer aided design programs have digitized the process and made it more streamlined but no less important. Computers have made architectural drafting services available to a wider variety of people, not just wealthy patrons.

Types of Architectural Drafting
Architectural drafting services can run the gamut from simple renderings to detailed cutaways and complicated 3D images. Some of the traditional categories remain in heavy use today and some news technologies have been added to the mix as well.

Floor Plans
Perhaps the most fundamental type of architectural drawing is the basic floor plan. It is flat, a bit like a map, and shows the arrangement of space in a particular level of a structure. Floor plans can be enhanced with photographs to create an interactive version. These give a viewer a look through a property as if he were there.

Site Plans
A site plan shows a group of buildings in context to one another. This gives the viewer a fuller understanding of surrounding structures and how they relate to one another. Site plans can be especially useful for condo and multi-unit developers. Site plans may also show surrounding streets, hardscaping and landscaping.

Some of the most popular architectural drafting services are elevations. This is a view of a building from a particular angle, usually a flat representation of the façade. These are instrumental in giving a project a “face” that investors or buyers can relate to and remember. An elevation is given the name of the direction it faces. So if the perspective is facing south by the compass, it would be called the south elevation. They may be traditional artist’s renderings or advanced 3D photo-realistic images.

Cross section
A cross section shows a cut-away section of a structure. It shows both the exterior and a “slice” of the interior. This gives the viewer a feeling for how the two interrelate and how the different floors are arranged.

Uses for Drafts
These images have many uses. Presentations would be dull without visual aids. Printed marketing material would fall flat and website would be worthless without plenty of visual imagery. Even e-mail is enhanced with the use of architectural drafts. Once you begin to think in visual terms, you’ll see a world of possibilities.


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