The Press Release For Industrial Marketers

There are many search marketing tactics out there that come and go, but one method that has proven its value in Industrial Marketing is the press release. The industrial market provides an excellent opportunity as companies often have brands and products that buyers search for. With a carefully constructed “Search Engine friendly” press release, a business can advertise a new product or service efficiently and quickly.

Product releases provide targeted and new content which search engines often pick up and distribute through search engine result pages. If a product release is written with search engine optimization in mind,  it will have a much higher chance of penetrating search engine results.

When writing a press release the title or heading of the article is one of the most important aspects. Be sure to mention brand and product names as these are ‘keywords’ that people use to search for you. As you write the copy for your industrial press release try to use your brand name and product name 3 to 4 times through the body of the article. This will help to increase the relevancy of your article for your targeted ‘keywords’.

If possible create one or two text links in your article that link back to your home page and the product or service page. Make sure the text links have your targeted keywords in the link. For example, if you are selling an industrial modem, for more info please these websites:- hyperlink ‘industrial modem’ to the internal page of your website that has the information on that product. This will be beneficial for your SEO link building.

Once you have created your “search engine friendly” release it is now time for its distribution. Find industry-related news sites, vertical search engines, or magazine portal sites. These sites will happily take and publish your article because you are providing them with valuable content. One tip is to compile a list of magazines related to your industry and search for them online.


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