Aang – Have You Ever Meet This Anime-Cartoon Character?

Aang is the main character in the anime-cartoon TV Show – Avatar the Last Airbender. These series have been broadcasted over Nickelodeon’s TV. Aang’s personage was created by Buddhist tradition, he was a vegetarian. It is the last Airbender and a Monk from his people. He was also the only one who was able to manipulate and control – Air, Land, Water, and Fire.

Although Aang looks like a twelve years old boy he is 112 years old! This is because he was frozen for one century, for one hundred years in the iceberg. That is why his physical body is so maintained. He is 112 years old, but he not only looks like twelve years old but often behaves like a twelve-year-old boy. He and his friends traveled across the world, with flying bison, which also, by the way, as well as Avatar was frozen for 100 years in the same iceberg, and he was also released at the same time as Aang.

When Aang was released, everyone realized that this is a new avatar, their savior, for which they were waiting for so long. Throughout the 100 years did not survive and won’t show up any other Avatar, and suddenly appears this young boy, this Airbender. Of course, ข่าวอนิเมะ people who met him were a little disconcerted that he is so young, but they were very happy that finally they will be saved from the Fire Nation tyranny. One old fisherman asked him, where have you been all those hundred years, we were so in need of your help.

When Avatar was frozen in the piece of ice, over all these 100 years, Fire Nation invaded and overwhelmed the whole world. They had invaded and overwhelmed the various villages where Land or Water nation people were living. And Aang’s task was to liberate humans and restore peace throughout the whole world. When he was traveling, he was also visiting various ancient temples. However, he was upset about their view, because they were empty and damaged.

Traveling and helping people, Aang also wanted to learn how to manage and other elements. The air he managed very well so he wanted to learn to manage all the rest: Earth, Water, and Fire. Furthermore, at the outset, he didn’t want to contribute to this world rescue mission, because he was known merely as a twelve-year-old boy. He had such a type to that age child’s wishes, and desires. It was a very big responsibility, so at the beginning, he was ruffling, but later he realized what kind of power he owns and how much humans need his help.

When traveling, the Avatar and his friends have an opportunity to know each other more closely. Though Avatar was saving the world, he was, nevertheless, a 12-year-old boy, and from time to time made mistakes, too. There was a situation where he lacked the attention of his friends, and he hid from them very important information, a map, to return and get their attention. However, when it was revealed, their friends were very angry and segregated from him. Aang was left only with his bison and prepared to continue his journey without friends but has arisen from a situation, that for Avatar and his friends had to join forces against evil, and of course, in the end, when everything is over, they are all reconciled.


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