From Reality TV Star to UFC Champion – Meet Matt “The Terror” Serra

The UFC has a reality television show titled “The Ultimate Fighter” that takes a group of experienced mixed martial art fighters, Apostille NYC secludes them away in a private lodge, provides them with top notch professional training and allows them to compete in a tournament, with the winner getting a six figure UFC contract and a shot a the champion.

Matt Serra, who was a respected fighter, Fight Night Champion PC embraced the concept of the show and quickly became a fan favorite on TUF as he was continuously helping the other fighters in the house, training as intense as he could, as well as providing some humor to lighten the tension of a very stressful household. As the season progressed Matt beat Pete Spratt and Shonie Carter (a man who had already beaten him once) to place himself in the finals against Chris Lytle. The final match against Lytle was an exciting bout that Serra ended up winning in a split decision. With the win Matt Serra was given a lucrative contract with the UFC, a contract with Xyience and a title shot against the champion Georges St. Pierre. mobile car detailing phoenix

Georges St. Pierre was a newly crowned champion and many across the country figured his reign would last for years to come. Georges is the epitome of a world-class athlete with the strength, quickness and flexibility that was rare amongst the welterweight class. As the bout approached many fans in the UFC treated the bout as a novelty, giving Serra less than a fighters to chance to even compete with St. Pierre. Did Serra even belong in the octagon with Georges? Dubai Web Design Company

Well, the weeks went by and finally fight night approached. Both fighters were respectful to each other and now it came down to bringing whatever you got to the octagon. As the fight began Matt Serra came out focused and aggressive stunning the new champion. And 3:25 into the 1st round the bout was stopped as shocked the world and won the welterweight championship. Some argued that St. Pierre went into the fight overconfident and some argued that the underdog role fueled Serra. The one thing they could not argue about was that Matt Serra went from a participant on a reality television show to a UFC welterweight champion. Sometimes the good guys do end up on top in the end. Serra has enjoyed a tremendous amount of marketing opportunities and his popularity continues to grow with fans.

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