‘The Rozabal Line’ by Ashwin Sanghi – Did Jesus Survive the Crucifixion?

A thriller to the core, which not just spans across cities, countries, continents but also across ages and religions. A book that is based on the theory that Jesus survived the crucifixion and came to India to spent rest of his life in Kashmir. It not only questions the faith but the religion in itself.

In England, a professor is killed and his head found in a library. A terrorist group of 13 Jihadis are planning mass destruction, something much bigger than 9/11, to mark the end of the world and to prove to the world that their religion is the supreme one. A priest sees flashes from his previous lives and begins the journey to unravel the truth which the Vatican City wants to stay hidden forever. So a group Crux Decussata Permuta inspired by Opus Dei is helping the Jihadis and financing a Japanese assassin.

Vincent Sinclair is a Christian priest, 포커사이트 who starts seeing flashes from his previous lives at the time of his parents’ funeral. He being a Christian priest initially doesn’t believe in rebirth, how can he question his faith but to his surprise, his aunt Martha is a healer who helps him see his previous life flashes and he realizes he was the one who bore Christ’s cross, as Simon in a previous life and realizes that Christ didn’t die on the cross but survived the ordeal. This opens up a lot of questions on his faith on his core being which prompts him to travel to India in search of truth.

In a parallel thread, a group of 13 Jihadis are planning to show the world that their religion is the supreme one. The story depicts them in the same light as Jesus and his 12 disciples, not mentioning specifically but the question does arise in mind, whether the leader of this group is the descendant of Jesus, his bloodline.

This novel is fast paced and on similar lines as the world famous “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown, where it talks about Jesus and Mary Magdalene marrying and having a daughter. But this novel doesn’t stop there, it goes many steps further and goes on to derive that Jesus was inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism as a youth and his preachings are in line with those of these two religions.

The novel initially is very confusing; at least it was to me, with so many events happening at so many different places. So many characters were introduced within first few pages and story kept going back and forth in times, thus creating lot of confusion. But as the story progresses, it all starts to piece together and make sense. The author has done extensive research for the book which is very evident from his writing. This is a very good piece of work, given that this is the first book from the author.




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