Batman Halloween Costumes Ideas – 2 Classic Favorites That Never Go Stale

Dark Knight, rg3th the latest Batman film and also one of the most remarkable, has reinforced in us an even more lasting impression of the DC Comics superhero and the host of villains that try to conquer him. The Joker, among others, is one of the most memorable, all thanks to the late Heath Ledger’s impressive portrayal. Although Dark Knight was released in 2008, there is going to be no question about it-Batman Halloween costumes will still be a hot hit this year. v9slot

The Dark Knight

Every Halloween, Batman always turns up. This year, though, it’s going to be a darker, fiercer Batman who has faced unique challenges that are both personal and professional. His suit, however, is just as good as ever and is matched with a Dark Knight costume that is just as reliable. joker8899z

The official costumes for Dark Knight come in various versions: standard, deluxe, and grand heritage. They all differ based on the items included in the costumes, but one thing they have in common is that they certainly don’t come in cheap. The standard costume, which includes Batman’s printed body suit and black bat cape, is a big hit among thousands of fans and is always in demand. 123maxx

If you want to beef it up a little bit, the deluxe Dark Knight costume uses foam to pack in more realistic-looking muscles. The grand heritage version, on the other hand, is the ultimate in Batman Halloween costumes. Aside from the standard body suit, cape, and fake muscles, the most pricey version also includes boot covers, Batman’s utility belt, armor pieces, a gauntlet, gloves, grappling hook, a realistic Batman mask-the works! Unfortunately, this might prove to much for the kids to handle so it only comes in adult sizes. The accessories are also sold separately for those enthusiastic DIYers who like creating homemade costumes for themselves.. ruay88

The Joker

Heath Ledger will always be remembered for his haunting portrayal of the Joker, one of the reasons why the Joker has become one of the classic characters people will be portraying for the several next Halloweens to come. The latest Batman installment has certainly lent a new twist to the Joker, with the disturbing scars and warped sense of humor that will certainly make this year’s Halloween even more fun.

The official Joker costume is available in standard, deluxe, and grand heritage versions. These costumes may come in pairs-perfect if you and your best pal are planning to dress up as archenemies for Halloween.

Much like the official Batman costume, the officially-licensed Joker costume can be very steep. If you’re not the type to splurge for a costume, then try to create it yourself. The Joker is almost always seen in long purple coat that conceals his many weapons, a vest, shirt and tie, and pinstriped pants. Go for the “crazed businessman” look if you couldn’t scout for a long purple coat. thetechboy

Then again, even when you can’t find the perfect clothes to match the Joker’s outfit, you can still portray the Joker himself using makeup along. After all, he himself dressed up in a female nurse suit towards the end of the Dark Knight movie. White face paint and talent in drawing realistic scars will be very helpful. Don’t forget to wear bright red lipstick to extend the lips and smudge a lot of dark makeup to create black circles under your eyes.

Batman Halloween costumes are hot, so you definitely have to find some way to make yours different.

Best Place To Buy Costumes

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