Batman: Under the Red Hood Review

Being a big fan of Batman: The Animated Series’ dark atmosphere, imi9bet I had high hopes for this movie. It starts out in all the right ways, with Joker savagely beating Robin with a crowbar as Batman speeds to save him. Just as Batman leaps to get into the building, it explodes, adding to the list of Batman’s many regrets. It all feels right; the dark setup, the villains, the city. If only the dialog and story were better…

There are dark happenings afoot in Gotham, with a mysterious Red Hood taking control of the local drug dealers by some sort of circular logic where they make less than they do previously but still screw over their old boss. They were all promised “protection” from Black Mask, joker681 however, one would think that one man’s protection would not be sufficient to protect a group of drug dealers. And the whole reason he took over most of Gotham’s drug ring? To get Joker bailed out from Arkham. What would be easier, breaking Joker out of jail directly, or taking over an entire city’s drug trade just to tell them not to sell to kids? It isn’t like the drug dealers stopped dealing at all. joker78

Story-breaking logic aside, there is so much bad dialog here it makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III sound like a piece of classical literature. Nightwing sounds like an 11-year-old with an early 20’s body. This all leads to a very awkward on-screen relationship where Nightwing constantly vies for Batman’s attention. Batman has always been somewhat homoerotic, pggame365 and the odd choice of dialog between Nightwing and the Dark Knight only accentuates this.

Some of the fight scenes are quite suspect as well, with characters getting hurt or even dying from explosions, where Batman just casually gets up and shakes the dirt off his cape. It’s like Batman has explosion-proof armor and everyone else is stuck with cheap leotard suits. They also take some absurdly long falls and continue fighting as if nothing happened. At least all of the action is fast-paced and entertaining to watch. 168galaxy

Batman’s quite angsty as well, alternating between his only two moods of angry and toughly sad. He acts like a policeman who has seen too much and doesn’t give a shit about telling others anything. With his face locked into a continual grimace, he fights crime however he deems necessary, apparently putting Joker in body casts at times, but berating his sidekick for “taking [the bad guy] out”. Apparently, a Batarang to the shoulder is more of a punishment than a body of broken bones in Batman’s eyes. gcwin99

Luckily the dark parts of the story somewhat save this movie. There were times in which people were beaten, tortured, and nearly burned alive. It’s clear this wasn’t created for 8-year-olds and I’m sure that the teenagers who haven’t seen Batman: The Animated Series will eat this up. Unfortunately, the dialog and bad storytelling will keep this from being a must-have addition to your Batman collection. hp888



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