Give Up the Prince and Find Your Man!

The perfect Man, villanyt-szere your prince charming, DOESN’T EXIST and if he did he would be MINE!!
Women at times ideally want a man with Prince like proportions. A man that is heroic yet tender, strong yet sensitive, romantic, successful in his professional life, stylish and sophisticated, down to earth, someone that makes them feel safe yet provides excitement and entertainment.

Someone who works around the house, occasionally cooks and cleans, who is dependable and doesn’t lie, and man who is good in bed and makes you laugh, if this man did exist I suggest you keep him under lock and key and invite him to male only gatherings. I am about to reveal fundamental key to relationship success. If you were to give up your prince and accept that you man has flaws just as you do, otthonszuletik your man will offer you substantially more. Understanding a man creates power. Men adore women that accept and understand them. A man gives his heart completely to a woman he feels he can trust and be valued for both this strengths and weaknesses. The fundamental key to a man’s passion is his desire to commit himself to a woman that has the capacity to understand and accept him. Blogline

This means understanding and knowing who he really is under the bravado, what drives him, motivates him, what he does to avoid fear. Accepting him as a whole, forgiving his annoying habits including his bad fashion sense, lack of patience, poor time management, morning breath, lack of six pack or height etc. izomautok

Accepting him for who he is will leave you with a man who works hard to be the best provider, giving you more loyalty and appreciation for you. Men are more critical than they let women know. Accepting him will give him a tremendous boost leaving him feeling loved and good in her eyes resulting in being more receptive to your needs.

Allow him to confide in you. By talking about his dreams, goals, conflicts and frustrations, he will be able to resolve them and open his heart to you. Men have a strong need for partnership with their women. They often find it more difficult to meet friends in their adult years, so by giving him this feeling, he will be your soul mate. kutyulva

Help him become more expressive and to open up. This is a key development of trust and will help him to be more connected to you and the relationship. Communicate your willingness to know more about how he feels, what he thinks about, his doubts, insecurities and triumphs. Take an interest in his plans, dreams for the future and obstacles to overcome. Acceptance, trust and communication is the foundation of all fulfilling relationships. pollenindex

So give up your prince and get to know your man. Understand and accept him for who he is, and before you know it, you’ll have a rich relationship with a partner who, in turn, will be your real prince. princefoundation



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