Do Fat Mama Jokes Hurt?

Yesterday I was listening to kids playing in the park when a fat mama joke was played on another kid. The crowd of kids roared with laughter as the other kid tried to recover with a counter joke of his own.

But this made me wonder -“Do fat mama jokes hurt?”

I could tell that this was all in fun and games among these kids that obvious know and like one another but what if your mama is really fat? Secretly does it hurt that your friends and your enemies know that your mama is obese and they joke about her? สล็อตออนไลน์

When I was a child my friends and I also played the dozens– the inner city name- for joking on each others mother but that was 30 years ago.

Today obesity is on the rise in every state and many mothers and fathers today are fat and overweight. How does your kid feel about the teasing and jokes they hear at school and on the playground about your weight?

If your child is also overweight then it is possible that he himself has a low self esteem about himself along with his family’s weight problem. Today’s kids can be far more cruel than in the old days.

I remember that there was one kid on our block who had a fat mama and he was as overweight himself yet no one made jokes about his mama in front of him out of just plan old decent respect for his situation.Since we respected him no one I remember joked about his mom or him, and he pretty much stayed out of joking all together as if not to open any doors..

But today is a different day. If your kid is dealing with obesity in his family and his friends all know, it is more than likely that he is being teased in school, on the playground, even in church or other social settings. This can make a child defensive and can even lead to depression.



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