What It Takes to Make Money Selling Info Products Online: 4 Tips From an Experienced Infopreneur

I’ve been writing and selling information products online since 2002. Information is the best – and easiest, in my opinion — type of product to sell online. Following is some insight into why. infos-live

Why Information Products Sell So Well Online

Think about why people log onto the internet. Other than to do specific things like make airline reservations or map out directions, most of them are searching for information — info on a specific problem they have, or situation they want an answer to.

And, this is why “how to” information sells so well. thermn

So, just how do you go about creating and selling an info product online?

As I said, I’ve been doing it since 2002, following are four tips based on my experience (and sales!) that go a long way towards creating info products that sell well.

1. Make It Specific: General information doesn’t work well as an info product. Part of the reason is so much general info can be found for free. But if you really want to get a specific question answered about a specific problem/niche, Fluxusiptv. then your info has to be well researched, detailed and specific.

2. Niche It: This piggybacks on the last point, but cater to a specific niche. Then, create helpful information products for that niche. For example, I’m a freelance writer. Most of my ebooks cover some facet of this profession — because I know it so well. rare-chems

This brings me to my next tip which is to write from…

3. First-Hand Experience: Most people want advice, help and insight from someone who’s “been there and done that.” This is why first-hand info rocks!

You don’t have to be a well-known, well-educated writer to create a great info product to sell online. If you know your subject matter well (ie, have lived it), then you have what it takes to package and sell your insight. world-arms

As an example, one time a friend of mine wanted to start a painting business. He didn’t know very much about the business side of painting, so I went online and found an ebook – written by a guy who’d been operating his own painting business for over three decades – and bought it for him.

While the grammar wasn’t letter perfect, you could tell that this guy knew his business. He covered things in that ebook that only an experienced painter would know — things a newbie never would have thought of.

THIS is the value of writing from first-hand experience — and it’s why people like to buy these types of info products.

4. Write More: As in, create a line of info products – all centered around the same subject (ie, in the same niche). This way, you can “go deep” on a subject.

For example, I’ve written four ebooks on/about some aspect of how to become an SEO writer. This is because those considering this career want to know different things, eg, what type of contract to use, how to respond to clients, how to market for SEO writing jobs, how to do SEO writing, etc. for more info visit these website :- legalroids

See how you can get multiple ebooks out of the same topic?

The great thing about this is, if a customer buys one of your info products and likes/trusts your advice, they’ll be back to buy more — increasing your profits even more. And, they’ll give you ideas on what they want to know more about, so you can create even more info products.

Gain more first-hand insight on how to create and  ie, become an infoprenuer.



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