Buying Teething Toys for Your Baby

Teething occurs when the baby’s first set of teeth begins to grow. Since the teeth are penetrating the gums, it is a very painful experience for a child. As parents, you should do everything to ease the pain your child is feeling. Teething is seriously excruciating and can make toddlers very moody and sensitive. You should try to alleviate the pain they are feeling, and one way to do this is by giving your child teething toys to nibble at.

There are so many types of toys for teething. It is difficult to determine which one is best for him. So parents, here are some pointers you should remember when shopping for toys.

There are three types of teething toys: soft teething toys, unicorn night light chilled or frozen teething toys, and solid teething toys. Soft teething toys are perfect for kids whose teeth are just starting to pop out. This kind of toy is made from fabric, which the baby can nibble to ease the soreness.

Chilled or frozen toys are plastic rings that are filled with water. These toys are placed in the freezer to chill. Then, it is given to the child to soothe the gums.

Solid teething toys are made of plastic, rubber or even wood. It is especially made for teething babies whose teeth are already out of the gums.

Always inspect the product first before purchasing. See where it was manufactured. Read the label thoroughly for hazards and other warnings. Many baby teething toys nowadays are made in countries which have dismal and sub-standard safety practices and policies regarding their products, especially baby products. Recent studies showed that baby toys from these countries are positive with toxic chemicals. The paint used in these toys contains high contents of lead and mercury. Thus, an extra precaution in purchasing toys for your baby is a must.

Find teething toys that are made with natural, organic materials like wood, cotton, natural rubber, and wool. These organic toys are usually handcrafted and are guaranteed to be baby safe. Plus, these products are manufactured in an environmentally-responsible factory and in a sustainable manner.

Once you’ve made your choice, use green, natural detergents in washing it. Such products can clean out stains and germs without the use of harmful chemicals. Certainly, these are the safest to use for your baby.



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